Online and Offline Marketing plans...   Neither one can be neglected!

There are a number of ways in which you can market a retail operation but there does seem to be an on-going debate between traditional offline marketing and utilizing online marketing to capture that new audience and increase frequency of purchase of your regular clients.

The truth is that either one can be neglected or else anyone one ran on as a stand alone strategy becomes weakened without the other.

Offline Marketing by

The Power of Direct Mail in 2014: Once you have collected a database of information of both customers and potential customers you have the chance to send them direct mail. Direct mail allows you to target individuals with specific messages that are tailored to them, while also keeping your operation in their minds on a semi-regular basis, offering incentive, rewards, relational communications. The shift in direct mail pricing and policies have made mail boxes  less and less cluttered as opposed to 5 years ago…This creates a real opportunity for greater response rates when executing direct mail campaigns… As long as your communications deliver first and foremost your brand and are addressed personalized to each respondent of your database you can take advantage of a crucial marketing funnel.

Online Marketing by

As much as results from marketing has its roots traditionally in the offline type in recent years the focus has started to shift towards online marketing and making the most of a world where more and more people from all demographics and locations are using the internet. The danger remains the increase clutter of information found in most email boxes, social media networks as well as the fact that a large portion of a retailer’s target audience never receives any communications…

There are again, a number of different ways in which you can capture a new audience online, from creating a website, blogging, using paid advertising on search engines and utilising the many different social media platform available, and there are a number of benefits:
Cheaper than Offline But…:

By using online marketing  web design and search engine optimization you can run a hefty expense for a portion of your target audience …There is also a lot you can do online yourself for free or with a low budget, especially when it comes to social media.
Wider Variety of Options: With the internet expanding in capability and users you have a much wider set of options to use in order to entice new customers. From website to blogs, videos to paid advertising, you can test out different ideas and tweak your approach as it is live to ensure the very best outcome for your business. It can be a lot more hands on than offline marketing but there is so much more control in the process.
Track Real Time Results: When marketing online or offline tracking is everything. You have more scope for analysis  as you are able to see what type of people are replying to your communications online and offline, or interacting with you on social media. Quite quickly you can build up a profile of your perfect customer in this way. You also have the ability to put in place tracking codes to determine real time results as they occur, seeing a real return on investment.

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