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Data is at the heart of any business. It should be collected at every point where there is interaction with customers. However, when businesses consider collecting data, they should think about what they want, why they want it and where they can get it from.

Sounds obvious? The trouble is that many businesses store data ‘just in case’, creating a database of little use to them and which drains resources. So, here are some key steps to consider:

1. Set objectives

Businesses need to ask some pragmatic questions about what is achievable. Any data capture must be proportionate to the businesses’ relationship with the customer. Businesses should, of course, collect the information they need to market to prospects but they shouldn’t collect in-depth information until they know whether prospects are going to become customers.

2. Capture the right data

More detailed data can be recorded about high value customers than for those with whom the business has fewer dealings. It’s also very useful to learn how the customer heard about the firm, to check on the efficacy of your own marketing and to see who’s recommending your business.

Some data capture – particularly factual data – can be automated with the customer effectively filling in a form.

Once such data is collected, the data house should rank and dovetail it into the database in a useable form. However, human contact is important when collecting information about the customer’s relationship with the company, why they like or dislike the product or service and how the business can serve their needs. A greater degree of depth can be gained through manual data capture – client reactions, intonations, nuances, etc.

4. Capture lifestyle data

Businesses often capture data for two specific reasons. Firstly, in larger organisations the more marketers understand about individual contacts, the more they are able to tailor their marketing. Secondly, many small businesses are managed by their owners, so understanding the owner becomes critical. Collecting consumer-type information can be done direct from the individual and then be enhanced from a third-party data source.

5. Get collegues on board

Once businesses have decided what data they need and why, they have to motivate their staff to collect it. It is vital that staff understand why the data they are capturing is important. Staff renumeration and recognition packages need to reflect success and accuracy in data capture.

Data should be collected at all touch points by any member of staff who has communication with customers.



mmgroupusa.com’s iBeacons …The Futur of Proximity Marketing

Proximity Marketing Through I Beacons

Improving customer experience and traffic awareness one beacon at a time!

I Beacons are now part of Marketing Management Group’s 360 degrees marketing program applications and proximity marketing component.  The retail opportunities for beacons are endless –

Whatever the application, the goal remains the same:

To bring the richest possible customer experience to your retail prospects and  consumers.

A Beacon is a tiny computer broadcasting a signal via Bluetooth technology!

You can think about the beacon as a small lighthouse tower that’s installed in a fixed location and broadcasts its presence to all the ships (smartphones) around. They could be as little as 2 inches and as far as 230 feets (approx. 70 metres) away.

The exact maximum range depends on the environment of course. Bluetooth is using the same type of radiowaves as 2.4Ghz WiFi routers. The signal can be diffracted, interferred or absorbed by water (including the human body).

Find out more about this exciting technology by visiting our website or by entering through the link below…

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MMGROUPUSA.COM – Our definition of what marketing is…

We are often ask to define our position on what marketing is and should be…Find below the answer to the question:  what is marketing…?

We believe that marketing is (and should be) :

1-the “continual education of a customer or prospect for the life of that customer on the advantages and benefits of the retail operation and what a transactional relationship with your location will bring them more or different then any other retailer will;

2-  the intelligently formulated process of increasing their demand or desire for your products;

3-  the strategic process of bringing clients and prospects to closure and to completed action through relationships and communication.

In other words 1- To educate prospects and customers on your unique selling proposition

                          2- To communicate in order to increase the demand for your product 

  3- To bring prospects and clients to closure with a transaction or a sale

We are adamant about the fact that Marketing cannot be executed without a tangible way of reaching your customers and prospects ( therefore a database)…And the right database cannot be created without a data collection process…

To market effectively you need to create a list of prospects and clients with as much contact information as possible, and then create and execute marketing campaigns to reach out to your lists and convert transactions from it!

Become a student of possibilities and practice the art of marketing!


mmgroupusa.com – 15 benefits of building a database

Fifteen Benefits of Building a Database with mmgroupusa.com

1. Help determine how much each customer is worth.

2. Identify best customers and worst customers.

3. Offer best customers special deals etc.

4. Increase Lifetime Value of customers by reducing defections, increasing the amount of money spent by customers, reducing marketing costs, and increasing referrals.

  1. Use the information to build better relationships with your best customers.
  2. Profile customers using a combination of behavioral, demographic, and psychographic variables.
  3. “Clone” best customers.
  4. Be more targeted in acquisition efforts by determining the best predictors of a profitable customer.
  5. Provide different levels of service depending on how valuable a customer is to your organization. In essence you can discriminate between customers.
  6. Model and segment customers in a variety of ways to make marketing more effective.

11. Communicate in a personal way with each customer. Build a dialog or conversation with customers.

12. Customize offers to the individual.

13. Gather information quickly, cheaply and accurately.

14. Determine the effectiveness of any marketing effort.

15. Cross-promoting

Vist our website for more information mmgroupusa.com or www.mmgroupusa.com

2013 Canadian Retail Sales reach HIGHEST LEVEL in 3 years…!

2013 Canadian Retail Sales for clothing and accessories reach highest numbers in 3 years. Outlook positive for continuing growth for 2014 .   See sales chart growth for 2013 below…

mmgroupusa.comScreen Shot 2014-01-19 at 5.07.19 PM

More Then $450 million will be spent in the GTA in retail clothing stores in February of 2014

According to last year numbers between $450 and 500 million will be spent in retail clothing and accessories in January of 2014 in Toronto alone and close to the same amount in February of 2014!

Review the data below for Canada in the chart below. contact mmgroupusa.com – Marketing Management Group for a solution on how to tap into a greater share of the market. support@mmgroupusa.com.

Canada Clothing and Clothing Accessories Stores Retail Sales